Hand and Footprints

Whether you are looking for something that captures the tininess of your newborn’s feet or detail of your toddlers hands Pots2Go has all sorts of pottery that fits the bill from coasters, framed tiles and wall plaques to mugs, vases and teapots, there’s not much we’ve not managed to somehow get a print onto!

You choose the pot and paint colour you would like and we will help with the actual print. Then you can write a message and embellish your design or leave it in its simple form.

It is worth knowing that generally you get a better result with footprints on the youngest babies as they have a natural instinct to clench their fists for the first months of life. However toddlers seem to really enjoy a bit of hand printing often wanting to repeat the process over and over again! Finger dot printing is also popular with pre-schoolers and is very effective once glazed.

The paints we use are water based and nontoxic, therefore safe and easy to wipe off.