Alongside the pottery we have a gorgeous selection of personalised to order gifts if you are looking for a unique gift to impress someone with. Items include handmade canvases, mirrors, clocks, cushions, wall plaques and keepsake boxes all of which can be personalised with the names, dates and wording of your choice and then delivered to the shop or your home address usually within a couple of weeks.

To compliment the made to order range we have a lovely choice of stylish and quirky off the shelf gifts, the sort of thing you won’t find in the average high street shop, to suit all budgets from pocket money to generous gifts!

Visit our Flickr Gallery to view a selection of our gorgeous gifts.

Signature Plates

A unique way to remember a special moment in time, signature plates are very easy to organise and make great gifts.

All you need to do is select a plate, bowl, plaque or indeed whatever pottery you feel best suits its purpose and take it along with an ordinary pencil to your event. Get everyone to sign it, bring it back to Pots2Go and we will turn the pencil signatures into permanent reminders of your special occasion. The plate can be customised further with artwork or prints.

Gift Vouchers

Pots2Go gift vouchers offer the perfect gift solution as they give the recipient a unique well thought through experience as well as the piece of pottery they have enjoyed painting.

They come in the form of lovely hand painted ceramic tokens of various values and have no time limit on usage.