Pots2Go offers an activity with a difference! When you arrive we will show you our extensive range of bisque (unglazed pottery). Once you have chosen what you would like to decorate we will talk you through the different techniques and tools you can use.

There is a great selection of sponge shapes to make patterns with, along with pens for embellishment. Don’t worry if you are lacking in confidence, we are on hand to help with ideas and tips and there are plenty of pre-painted examples to help inspire you and get you started. Silkscreens (transfers) are also now available!

We have a kaleidoscope of paint colours, all non-toxic, washable and suitable for everyday use once glazed and fired.


There are no admission or studio fees, we simply charge you the price of the item you choose. Prices start at around £14 for the smallest pots such as coasters and tiles, and go up to £30-40 for the largest bowls, plates, plant pots, large faceted animals and cookie jars. There is a vast array from which to select, the most popular choices include mugs and bowls (from £20), plates (from £19) and trinket and money boxes in all shapes and sizes (from £20). We like to keep the range fresh and up to date, introducing new pieces as they become available so our regular painters feel inspired, and of course, there’s always an extended range of seasonal pottery in the run-up to Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Mother’s & Father’s Days etc.

Once painted, your pottery is fired and glazed in our workshop ready for collection approximately 7-10 working days (Monday – Friday) later – we will text/call/email you once it is ready. Collection times can vary at busier times such as during and after School Holidays and Christmas. If you need an item to be ready for a specific occasion, please discuss this with a member of staff before commencing painting. A fast track kiln pass is available at additional cost. If you are visiting and unable to collect your pot we are happy to post it on to you for a small charge. Note: All pottery must be collected within 2 months after painting.

Got a question? Chances are it might already be answered on our FAQs page. If not, please do get in touch!
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